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Thanks to everyone who has assisted with this project!
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About the I am a Librarian! Project


Thanks to all of those who have shown interest in and have participated in the “I am a Librarian!” project. I have now taken pictures of just over 100 librarians and I am in the process of going through surveys.

This project would be nothing without the help from so many people. It amazes me often how people are so willing to help me and have such a great support for my project.

During my cross-country trip the generosity and assistance of the following people helped me along the way: Helen Wilson, Edward Wilson, Christine Wilson, Becky Wilson, Patti Wilson, Meghan Emmerich and Trip, Tynley, Jason and Webb Baker, Michael Porter, Mindy Kittay, Dipesh Navsaria and his family, Paula Asch, and Sandy McIntyre and her family.

From March 17, 2004- March 17, 2005 I had been looking for librarians and library school students in the United States who would be willing to get their picture taken, and answer a short interview for a book that I am working on, titled “I am a Librarian!”

The goal of this book is to show real librarians, to show that librarians come in many different shapes and sizes, are from various backgrounds, and include all different types of people.The image of the librarian is currently portrayed as a homely woman or a sexy woman with glasses and a book in hand.

Well, men are librarians too.

It is time to get rid of the stereotype and show people who we really are and how we are making a difference.

When I meet people and tell them that I am a librarian, first they comment that they cannot believe that you need a Master’s degree to be a librarian and then they say well, you don’t look like a librarian.

Showing pride in our profession and sending a positive image will help the world to realize that the stereotype is not true of all librarians.

If you have questions about this project please contact me at cynthia@iamalibrarian.com

Please be patient with me if I cannot get back to you very quickly.

If you would like to see some of my other photography you can do so at www.cynthiawilson.net.

Thank you!

-Cynthia Wilson

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